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Salt Lake City Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence in any form is an extremely serious charge under Utah law. This includes a violation of a restraining order or making threats — and there are strong enhancements when the allegations include committing domestic violence in the presence of a minor child.


All Domestic Violence Charges Carry Harsh, Far-Reaching Penalties

Police who are called to a domestic disturbance in Salt Lake City almost always make an arrest, even if there is no strong evidence that physical abuse occurred. Further, many prosecutors and judges approach these cases with the clear goal of preventing future harm. Your only hope of avoiding a conviction that could alter your life in profound ways may well rest on your decision to contact a skilled, responsive Salt Lake City domestic violence attorney now.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, a domestic conviction could mean jail time, damage to your employment prospects, total loss of your gun rights, and being forbidden from contact with your family. Whether you made a mistake in the heat of passion or are caught on the wrong side of a “he said-she said” dispute, you can turn to me, criminal defense lawyer Brian Frees.

Misdemeanor And Felony Defense · Contesting Restraining Orders · Stalking Injunctions

I will deliver the personal attention your case requires and battle relentlessly to protect your rights, whether allegations against you are well-founded, exaggerated or altogether false. My proven capabilities extend to:

  • Offering rigorous defense against domestic violence allegations brought by a wife, husband, ex-spouse, domestic partner, child, other family member or roommate
  • Contesting the imposition of unjustified restraining orders (sometimes called orders of protection) — as well as charges associated with stalking or other restraining order violations

Does Your Case Call For A Skilled Salt Lake County Domestic Assault Attorney?

Please do not underestimate the consequences you may be facing or make the mistake of facing a domestic violence charge without qualified legal counsel. Instead, call (801) 562-2500 now. I will be happy to provide a free consultation, hear you out and begin working toward the most favorable outcome possible in your case.

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