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Salt Lake City DUI Defense Lawyer

In Utah, a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI; sometimes called DWI) or any similar offense can negatively impact nearly every aspect of your life. This is especially true if you make the common mistake of facing the charge without counsel from a qualified lawyer.


DUI Attorney in Salt Lake City

One or two drinks add up to big trouble. A citation for driving while intoxicated (DUI) is a serious charge resulting in a criminal record if convicted. You are not alone—13,816 people were arrested in 2010 for DUI in Utah. Being charged with DUI means you need effective legal representation to protect your rights and investigate charges against you.

Frees Law, P.L.L.C. is an established Salt Lake Law firm offering high quality legal services to clients charged with impaired driving in the Intermountain area. As an experienced DUI lawyer, Brian Frees answers your questions, provides options, and delivers skilled, well-reasoned defense in the courtroom.

Building your DUI defense

If arrested, you can challenge Utah DUI law in the following ways:

  • Evidence: For a legal arrest, law enforcement must have a legitimate reason to pull you over. Oftentimes a traffic stop in early morning hours is based on a broken taillight or expired registration. Your arrest can be tested by challenging evidence including searches, the traffic stop, and administration and results of field sobriety and chemical tests.
  • Process: A DUI arrest initiates a civil and a criminal action. Within 10 days of arrest, a hearing must can be requested through the Driver License Division of the Utah Department of Public Safety to dispute an otherwise automatic suspension of your license.
  • Plea or trial: Involving an experienced Salt Lake City criminal attorney will help improve your chances for achieving a satisfactory outcome on civil and criminal actions related to your DUI arrest. If trial is your best option, Brian Frees delivers a vigorous defense.

Enforcement of laws against drunk driving and drugged driving is strict. Judges have broad discretion to impose life-altering penalties: not just fines and driver’s license suspensions, but jail time, house arrest, mandatory ignition interlock and more. Your ability to avoid a conviction or the harshest consequences could well depend on your decision to contact a knowledgeable, attentive Salt Lake City DUI defense lawyer who is willing to get to know you as a person — as soon as you possibly can.

DUI offenses in Utah

DUI offenses depend on the circumstances of each case and individual arrest records, but generally include the following:

  • First arrest: Class B misdemeanor, jail term ranging from two days to six months, 120 license suspension, fees, and fines
  • Second arrest: Class B or Class A misdemeanor, jail term from 10 days to six months, up to one year license suspension, compulsory fees and programs
  • Third arrest: A third-degree felony, up to five years in prison, license suspension, compulsory fees and programs
  • Aggravating factors: Presence of a minor, causing bodily injury, or having a blood alcohol concentration over .16 amplifies penalties of any DUI charge
  • Metabolite offense: Presence of any drug in the urine or bloodstream believed to affect driving ability can lead to a DUI charge

Aggressive Defense Against All Alcohol-Related And Drug-Related Offenses

When you call my law firm, you will speak and work directly with me, experienced Salt Lake City DUI defense attorney Brian Frees. My knowledge and capabilities cover the full spectrum of drug- and alcohol-related driving crimes, including:

  • First-offense and second-offense misdemeanor DUI — for which, even with no aggravating factors such as an accident or minor passenger in the vehicle, consequences can extend to jail time and a two-year license suspension
  • More serious (Class A misdemeanor) DUI for causing bodily injury or having an underage passenger in the vehicle
  • Felony DUI involving an injury-causing accident or prior convictions for DUI, automobile homicide or similar driving crimes
  • Drug-related DUI
  • Underage DUI, covered by Utah’s “not-a-drop” zero-tolerance policy
  • Complex cases arising from an arrest when the accused was not actually driving the vehicle
  • Automobile homicide and other extremely serious impaired driving offenses

I will look hard at every angle of your case, make insightful recommendations and focus on helping you make the best possible decisions. I will grasp your most important goals, such as maintaining your ability to drive or restoring your suspended license as soon as possible, and work hard to achieve them. If your rights were violated or there are holes in the prosecution’s case, I will expose them and drive for dismissal or acquittal at trial.

Put A Skilled Salt Lake County Drunk Driving Defense Attorney On Your Side

I established Frees Law, P.L.L.C., to provide the utmost in dedicated, results-focused criminal defense to each client I meet. For a free consultation on your Salt Lake City DUI case or any other criminal or traffic matter, call (801) 562-2500 as quickly as possible.

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