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Salt Lake City Probation Violation Defense Lawyer

If your freedom and future are on the line because you are accused of violating probation or the terms of your parole, there is no time to lose in getting legal representation you can trust. You probably do not need anyone to tell you that you have cause for serious concern. This means you need a serious Salt Lake City lawyer who will attack your case with real determination.


Turn To A Fighter Who Will Make Your Case His Mission

My criminal defense background and invaluable experience as a Navy Chief equip me well to handle your challenging case. I cannot be intimidated by any tough situation. You can count on me, Salt Lake City probation violation defense attorney Brian Frees, to fight intelligently and relentlessly for your future.

Whether your future will be determined in a probation violation hearing, parole hearing or criminal court, your case will be a priority at Frees Law, P.L.L.C. I will hear you out, assess all circumstances and identify the best viable strategy for dealing with a matter arising from:

  • A failed urinalysis (UA) or other failed drug or alcohol test
  • Allegations of possession of a gun by a restricted person or any other weapons crime
  • Driving on a suspended license or any other criminal offense while under court supervision due to a prior conviction

Reach A Salt Lake County Parole Violation Defense Attorney Now: (801) 562-2500

It is absolutely critical to know that a parole violation or probation violation can be every bit as serious as the offense that you originally faced. Further, you do not have the same constitutional protections you did when you faced that original charge. It all adds up to a clear need for extremely effective legal representation you can trust.

Every potential client I meet benefits from a free initial consultation. I have an extremely active law practice and familiarity with courts and officials throughout Northern Utah. Take a positive step now by contacting me for legal guidance and representation.

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