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Salt Lake City Theft Defense Lawyer

Have you been arrested for shoplifting in Utah — or are you desperate to help your child avoid a conviction? Are you accused of robbery, burglary or any other serious theft-related crime? Perhaps you have been charged with forgery, check fraud, embezzlement or another financial offense.


In any such situation, having a dedicated Salt Lake City theft charge defense attorney on your side could make all the difference. Beginning with a free consultation focused on what happened, potential consequences and your legal options, I am here to help in every way I can. My law practice is focused on intelligent, assertive criminal defense, and my clients’ needs come first.

Do You Need A Salt Lake County Identity Theft Defense Attorney? Arrested For Shoplifting, Embezzlement Or Another Property Crime?

A Navy Chief as well as a skilled negotiator and trial lawyer, I attack my clients’ cases with vigor and will target the best possible outcome based on your key priorities. You can turn to me, Brian Frees, for constant responsiveness and protection of your rights, whatever the specific charge against you, including:

  • Burglary, robbery, auto theft or felony grand theft charges
  • Petty theft charges arising from alleged shoplifting/retail theft or theft of services
  • White collar offenses such as embezzlement, identity theft, wire fraud, check fraud or forgery
  • Theft by deception or similar charges resulting from a scam conducted in person, by mail or over the Internet

Pursuing All Angles In Defense Of Your Rights And Future

There are many ways to approach a Salt Lake City theft charge, and I will take your prior record, the solidity of the evidence against you and all other critical factors into account.

It may be possible to show an absence of criminal intent, demonstrate that property you are accused of stealing is not as valuable as the charges claim, or find other means of winning a positive outcome. If the case against you is airtight, I will pursue all options including restitution and counseling as a sentencing alternative.

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The sooner you get me involved in your case, the better our chances will be of winning an acquittal or negotiating an outcome that preserves your future to the greatest possible extent. In addition to citizens of Northern Utah, I frequently serve out-of-state and international clients who have encountered legal problems in this area. For the legal help you need now, call or email me at Frees Law, P.L.L.C.

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