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The Monetary Costs Involved In Being Charged With A DUI In Utah

Interviewer: What do you think it costs someone to have a DUI charge?

Brian Frees: The cost of a DUI to you is typically a 10,000 dollar expense. Factor in fines and fees to the court, the loss of your driving privilege, immediate replace of transportation, the increase to your insurance for the years to come, and potentially the cost of the expense of the hiring of the DUI attorney.

A DUI Conviction is Eligible for Expungement 10 Years After the Convict is Off Probation

Interviewer: How long does a DUI stay on your record, is it on there forever, or can you get it expunged or sealed?

Brian Frees: DUI or an alcohol related arrest. Is eligible for an expungement 10 years after you’re off probation.

Interviewer: How hard is it to get an expungement?

Brian Frees: If there have been no other violations of the law and no other alcohol related incidents it is possible to get an expungement.

Common Client Apprehensions About Speaking To DUI Defense Attorneys

Interviewer: What are some on the common fears or reservations people have about talking to an attorney or hiring you for a DUI case, what are they telling you.

Brian Frees: Lots of clients before they talk to me, they think that it’s going to be much more expensive. or that they need a lot of money up front to hire an attorney. I do accept payment plans and, I think people sometimes think that they are the only ones out there that received a DUI, and they feel embarrassed to talk to somebody when they need help.

The Distinguishing Hallmarks of a Competent DUI Defense Attorney

Interviewer: What would you say would differentiates you versus other attorneys that do DUI? What makes your representation better, different and specialized?

Brian Frees: I think I provide very individualized and straight forward attention to your case. When you hire me you have instant contact with me. I can easily communicate and return phone calls promptly. I can be reached on the phone and can try to provide that one on one assessment of your situation and come up with the best resolution for you, for your individual case in particular.

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