Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Lawyer

Any criminal charge is a serious concern. Your freedom, family relationships, job prospects and reputation may all be on the line if you simply plead guilty or do not get strong representation. Whether you made a mistake or were arrested and charged unjustly, each decision you make going forward will be pivotal.

Get The Clear Counsel And Dedicated Advocacy You Need

If you want to be certain that your case is a priority for a lawyer driven to earn the best possible outcome, turn to me, attorney Brian Frees. I am a Navy Chief with wide-ranging life experience and an excellent education in the law. I founded Frees Law, P.L.L.C., with the mission of providing intelligent, assertive protection of my clients' rights and interests across several legal practice areas.

Do You Need A Salt Lake County DUI Defense Attorney? Facing Any Other Criminal Charge Or Legal Problem In Northern Utah?

You can depend on me for attentive, skilled criminal defense, whatever charges you face. I stand ready to advocate for you after a DUI arrest, an arrest for a drug crime, or if you must deal with allegations of theft, a sex crime or a violent crime such as domestic violence.

I will ably defend your rights and future if you have been charged with a probation or parole violation. In addition to earning favorable results in many criminal defense matters — in adult, juvenile and drug courts — I have also helped numerous clients with divorce, other family law concerns and Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings in the Salt Lake City area.

I know how stressful life may be as you consider what could happen because of a criminal charge against you or a family member. You need a lawyer you can talk to and trust. Equally important, you need a Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney who will return your calls as soon as possible and deliver clear, straightforward guidance.

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I will provide a free consultation to discuss what happened and your legal options. My office is conveniently located off major interstate highways in the southern SLC metro area, and I frequently travel to visit and meet with my clients. In addition, I am well equipped to efficiently and effectively assist out-of-state and international clients with their Utah legal challenges.

For the help you need in this troubled time, call or email me, Salt Lake City attorney Brian Frees, today.