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Salt Lake City Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

Regardless of the charges against you — or against a loved one whom you believe is innocent or needs treatment — everyone deserves strong representation in criminal proceedings. I am a balanced, resourceful criminal defense attorney who will provide exactly that.


You can turn to me, Salt Lake City sex crime defense attorney Brian Frees, with confidence that I will deliver a total effort on your behalf. While I would never understate the seriousness of a sex offense, I know that many sex crime allegations, from possession of child pornography to molestation or rape, arise out of mistaken identity or an accuser’s questionable motives. Contact my law firm to begin building your defense today.

Sexual Assault · Internet Sex Charges · Juvenile Defense

I am a Utah lawyer who is absolutely committed to proving your innocence or negotiating effectively on your behalf, based on key priorities, including avoidance of a listing on the Sex Offender Registry and getting counseling if needed. My knowledge and capabilities extend to providing the best possible defense in cases of:

  • Sexual assault or rape, including cases involving “date rape” consent issues, false or exaggerated allegations, or mistaken identity
  • Statutory rape and other situations involving juveniles
  • Complex matters of child sex abuse
  • Alleged Internet sex offenses, including possession of child pornography, luring or stalking
  • Electronic communication-related charges such as “sexting”

Do You Need A Skilled Salt Lake County Sexual Assault Defense Attorney?

When you turn to Frees Law, P.L.L.C., you will be treated with respect and compassion. I always answer or return calls promptly and maintain a constant focus on my clients’ and their families’ well-being. Our work together can begin with a free consultation.

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